2024 Select AFL Footy Stars Vinyl Album

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Footy Stars, Select's traditional first series of the season, targets collectors of all ages. 

Featuring many of the insert series which collectors of all ages know and love -  Milestone cards (108 cards), the Brownlow Predictor (108), the Premiership Predictor (18), Rising Star Predictor (18) and Coleman Predictor (18) all return. 

Introduced in Footy Stars 2024 is the Luminous insert series with one Luminous insert card appearing in each packet.

Along with the the Luminous Base series (180) there are the numbered Luminous - Thunderbolt (396), Luminous - Thunderbolt Refractor (180), Luminous - Superstars (72), Luminous - Myriad (36) and Luminous - Myriad Signatures (18) series. These Luminous cards are printed on a limited PET silver non-scratch 55 point board with each Luminous card having a protective clear film which you may choose to remove.

In addition there are new insert series - Mascots (90), Stats Kings (90), Future Force (90), Ignite (72) and Absolute (90). 

The Absolute Series (90) are introduced for the seasoned collectors and feature players who are all absolute class. 

Back for another year is Instant Win card where the holder of the card wins a prize with over 1600 prizes to be won


  • Official 2024 AFL Footy Stars Vinyl Album, with 2 packs of cards and 26 x Card Armour 9 pocket pages.

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Nicole Sullivan
Great for any AFL fan

This is on the Xmas list

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