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Step 1: Secure a Grading Slot

Secure your spot by ordering a grading slot with Card Bot. This is your first step toward getting your cards professionally graded.

Step 2: Post/Drop Off Your Cards

With our simplified process, mailing or dropping off your cards is hassle-free. Just follow our easy instructions, and you're all set.

Step 3: PSA Grading

Your cards are submitted to PSA for grading. Card Bot handles every step of the process including Data Entry, Shipping and Insurance. Receive updates, final grades, and tracking along the way.

Step 4: Cards are Returned

After grading, it's time for your cards' homecoming. You can conveniently pick them up or opt for a return post. Card Bot ensures a secure and swift return of your newly graded treasures.

Enhance Your Cards Value with PSA Grading

What's Included:

  • PSA Grading: Your card will be graded by PSA, the world's most trusted and recognised authority in trading card grading. PSA grading adds value and credibility to your card.
  • Shipping to and from the US: We manage logistics, ensuring your card reaches PSA safely and returns to you.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive insurance cover for your card during transit to and from the US, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Status Reporting: Stay informed with regular updates on your card's grading status throughout the process.
  • Smart Submission Form: Our user-friendly online form simplifies your grading submission process.

Why Choose Card Bot:

  • Easy Submissions: Your Submission is just a few clicks, all handled through the grading slot page
  • Fast & Safe: Our strategic supply chains get each submission to and from PSA as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Proven Track Record: We have sent thousands of cards to and from PSA, and have a dedicated team of experts overseeing our process
  • Rewards Program: Earn points with each grading submission, redeemable for discounts and special offers.
  • Various Payment Methods: Flexibility in payment options to suit your convenience.

What Is PSA Grading?

PSA grading evaluates the condition of trading cards, assigning a score from 1 to 10. A higher score enhances the card's value, appeal to collectors, and overall marketability.

What is max value?

PSA charges based on the value of the cards, the higher value, the more expensive the grading fee. Maximum value refers to the estimated market value of the card after it has been graded by PSA. Market tools such as PriceCharting, TCGPlayer, 130 Point or eBay (Last Sold Listings) are available to gauge a price.


Shipping costs to Card Bot HQ and insurance for domestic (Australian) shipments are not included. Return postage is available at $10 Standard (with Signature on Delivery included). Insurance is optional, but recommended and available, at additional cost and dependant on the total value of all cards included in the return submission. Drop-off and Pick-up submissions (Melbourne-based) are not subject to any additional transit costs.
Upcharges: In instances where a card is valued higher than the initial grading tier, an additional fee corresponding to the appropriate tier will be applied by PSA. While this may represent an extra cost, it also signifies the increased value of your card, marking a positive outcome in the grading process.

Submission Guidelines:

Cards must be placed in soft sleeves and grading holders. Avoid the use of top loaders, any tape, or other adhesives that might damage the card. Card Bot also offers a fresh sleeve/grading holder service, available from the product page (extra charge applies per card)

Submission Instructions

Regular updates and instructions are emailed through along each step of the way to ensure that you know what to do at every stage of the process.

Submitting your cards for PSA grading is simple, whether you're sending them by post or opting for pick-up. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth process:

  • Postal Submissions: Pack your cards securely in soft sleeves and grading holders. Use a sturdy, padded envelope or box for shipping. Include your submission form and send it to our designated address. Remember, shipping costs to and from Card Bot HQ are not included in the grading fee.
  • Pick-Up Submissions: If you’re based in Melbourne, you can drop off your cards at our location. Ensure your cards are in soft sleeves and grading holders, and bring your submission form. There are no additional costs for Melbourne-based drop-offs and pick-ups.

For both submission methods, it’s important to avoid using top loaders, any tape, or other adhesives that might damage the card. After your cards reach us, they will be safely shipped to PSA for grading.

With Card Bot's TCG Grading Service, your cherished trading cards will not only gain value but also the recognition they deserve in the collector's world.

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