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WWE & AEW Wrestling Cards FAQ

What types of wrestling cards can I find in Card Bot's collection?

Card Bot's collection is a treasure trove featuring a wide array of WWE cards by Panini and AEW cards by Upper Deck, including base cards, rare parallels, autographs, and memorabilia cards.

Are there special edition cards in the wrestling card range?

Within each sealed pack from our wrestling card range, enthusiasts have the chance to uncover a variety of special edition cards. These can include dazzling parallels that add a unique twist to the standard card design, inserts that offer a deeper dive into the wrestling universe, and chase cards which are rarer and often highly coveted. Autographed cards signed by wrestling stars, memorabilia cards containing authentic materials related to the wrestlers or events, and even pieces of history like fragments from a match-used ring mat can also be discovered. Each card pack offers a surprise element, providing collectors the thrill of potentially pulling a highly sought-after item.

How often does Card Bot restock and update its wrestling card inventory?

We regularly update our inventory with the latest releases and special finds to ensure wrestling enthusiasts can always find something new and exciting in our collection. Keep an eye on our New Arrivals section for the latest additions.